Do you enjoy making others feel good about themselves ? An esthetician is a skin care specialist who uses techniques and products to keep skin supple, elastic, healthy and attractive. The maximum number of new students in esthetics class is 10 to ensure thorough education especially in the first 160 hours. During junior class you will work on other students until all basic skills are mastered. After the first 160 hours you will proceed to senior class, where you practice all fundamental skills on real customers.

    Theory classes in anatomy, dermatology, bacteriology, basic chemistry and product knowledge, basic electricity, business studies, and selling enable you to educate your clients on available treatments and home regimens.

    After a total of 750 hours, upon graduation, you will not only be prepared to pass the State Board Examination, but to successfully work in an upscale Spa as well. All our graduates are able to work right after graduation without the need of an apprenticeship. Most big Spas in Houston hire our graduates only. Services you will be able to perform are:

    -Skin cleansing with all methods available on the market
    -Different exfoliation methods and deep cleansing including extractions.
    -Skin analysis
    -Skin care equipment including iontophoresis, disincrustation, high frequency, rotary brush, and steam/vaporization.
    -Face neck and decollete massage according to muscle movement and tissue fluids.
    -Mask application according to skin type and skin conditions.
    -Make-up for day and evening
    -Hair removal with hard wax and strip wax
    -Shaping of eye brows using tweezing techniques and waxing
    -Tinting of eye lashes and eye brows.

    You will be able to perform ”European Facials”corrective facial treatments, treatments for aging skin, dry skin, oily skin, acne, skin sensitivity, and stressed skin. Revitalize your future, become a skin care professional. Come in for a skin care treatment and see for yourself how professional our students are.