Would you like to be the skin expert?

    A clinical esthetician usually works with a physician in either a MediSpa or a doctor's office. In the Esthetics Premier Program you will learn all of the information of the Fundamental program plus advanced esthetics and para-medical Treatments

    The Advanced Esthetics and para-medical Treatments include:

    -Specialized skin analysis
    -Corrective Facial Therapies
    -Acne Treatments
    -Sun Spot & Hyperpigmentation
    -Manual Lymph Drainage For Face & Neck
    -Chemical Peels
    -LED Photo / Light Therapy
    -Intro to Laser Therapy
    -Use of advanced skin care equipment

    -Treatment of Skin Irregularities:

    -Skin Tags
    -Cherry Angiomas
    -Cholesterol Deposits
    -In-depth anatomy, dermatology, cehmistry, product ingredients, physics, electricity

    After a total of 750 hours, upon graduation, you will not only be prepared to pass the State Board Examination, but receive an advanced esthetics diploma, a para-medical certification, and a dermatology device.

    All Premier Graduates get free Access to Silhouet-Tone equipment classes at the launch of new equipment