The Institute of Cosmetology & Esthetics opened in 1984. Brenda Kieser and Kathleen Driscoll started with a lot of hope, enthusiasm, 2 teachers, and 6 students. In 1988 the school was accredited by the National Accreditation Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences, NACCAS. In 1995 the high number of students forced school to move to a larger facility, its current location on 7011 Harwin Drive. 1997 was the year of "break through". IC&E became the first CIDESCO International accredited school in the USA. With the CIDESCO accreditation, students are awarded the highest certification in the world. In 1999 Brenda Kieser retired and Margrit Altenburg became Director of the school. With Margrit on board, the highest international education quality is guaranteed. As a member of the International Education Committee and currently an international CIDESCO examiner, she required all teachers to become CIDESCO certified. Today, IC&E is the only school in the USA with 3 international examiners teaching in the skin and body care department.

International Accreditation means that our school is thoroughly inspected on a yearly basis by international inspectors regarding curriculum, staff, physical facilities, equipment, and teachers' credentials and found to meet the worldwide highest standards set down by CIDESCO.

International Accreditation provides the IC&E CIDESCO graduate assurance of the finest in quality education and reputation recognized throughout the world.